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KET, New York

Date: 2006.

Punishment: Over $12,000 in fines and restitution, three years probation, community service of a public mural.

When KET's house was raided in 2006, he had no previous criminal record and had never been caught doing graffiti. But with the seizure of his home computer, the city maintained they could build a case based on "photographs of illegal subway graffiti that were entered into [his] home computer only hours after identical work was discovered on subway cars," according to The New York Times.

KET was charged with 14 criminal counts of trespass, criminal mischief and making graffiti.

Represented by Ron Kuby, prodigy of the late William Kunstler, KET decided not to go to trial. He pleaded guilty to one count each in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in what Kuby called "the triborough tour." He received fines adding up to over $12,000. The other 11 charges were dropped.

KET has suggested that his arrest was an attempt to intimidate Marc Ecko, who brought a graffiti-related First Amendment lawsuit against the city the same year. KET and Ecko had worked on projects together in the past.