John Scott, Los Angeles

Date: 2009.

Punishment: Three years probation, $1680 restitution.

In November 2009, a Los Angeles patrol noticed an elderly man placing stickers on the stairwell of the downtown 7th and Metro Center subway station.

For months they had been searching for an "older suspect" who had been posting hundreds of black and orange stickers that said Who is John Scott?. An Internet search led them to, a site selling stickers, t-shirts and hats with the slogan on them. Only when they confronted him did they see John Scott was a 73 year-old man.

For a sticker artist and an elderly gentleman, Scott's treatment seemed a little overzealous. He was arrested and held on a $20,000 bail for what The Los Angeles Times reported as "several thousand dollars in damage." He was then charged with felony-grade vandalism.

Scott pleaded no contest and got the charges downgraded to misdemeanor vandalism. He was put on probation and ordered to pay $1680 in restitution.