"Camera Man" Carl, New York

Date: 1995.

Punishment: Unknown.

The "CNN of graffiti" in the '90s, Camera Man Carl and his company, Videograf productions were the subjects of a high profile arrest after he was caught videotaping a crew of writers in 1995.

News crews gathered to capture his "walk of shame" outside the 104th Precinct building unexpectedly caught a piece of graffiti history when he yelled, "Videograf Productions! We promote graffiti!"

He later told Vibe magazine that although they were trying to prosecute him as a writer, for more than ten years he'd been 100% behind the camera. "I follow the writers, they don't follow me."

In 2000, Carl was the subject of a four-hour raid, with hundreds of videotapes and $20,000 worth of equipment seized.