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The lakeside cabin in John M. Stahl’s 1945 film noir (in Technicolor, no less!) is easily one of the most beautiful cabins on this entire list. A beautiful wood structure right on the lake in Maine, it has a huge outdoor deck, plenty of room for friends and family, and it’s tucked right into the wooded countryside. It’s the kind of picture postcard version of a cabin you might dream about.

Only, this cabin resides in a twisted little film noir with a femme fatale that leaves a whole lot of heartbreak and despair in her wake. That said, Leave Her To Heaven is deliciously fun cinema that was both a box office success and a critical darling. Starring Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain, and Vincent Price, it’s a true classic of American film and one that provides a great backdrop for a stunning movie cabin.