Who doesn’t love a good Jim Varney comedy ever once in a while? There’s just something about Ernest P. Worrell’s complete naiveté and huge heart that’s both endearing and endlessly funny. The cabin in Ernest Goes to Camp, however, is far from impressive, but it certainly is memorable.

Soon after Ernest moves from maintenance man to counselor at Kamp Kikakee, he’s handed a small group of delinquent boys from Midstate Boys Detention Center. When the kids are finally shown their cabin, it’s a shock the thing is actually still standing. There are boarded up windows, graffiti on the walls, and mattresses and bed frames strewn about. Chances are the boys probably had better lodging back at their detention center. Of course, the cabin is merely a blip on the screen of this hilarious flick, but it’s one that shows another side of the movie cabin – the truly terrible side.