Historically there has always been times when "anti-graffiti" styles have come in to fashion in graffiti. Berlin in particular has a strong heritage of weird abstract graffiti. In the 1990s and 200s there LDS crew, Ano & Dodo in London, who did huge concept underground trains. This style has always pissed off the traditionalists, but has it's par t to play in the culture.

Horfe strikes a balance between the both. His friends and fellow Peace And Love crew members are currently the in-vogue anti-graffiti style masters. Their blog, Service Au Bar depicts this style and their Parisian lifestyle. We documented Tomek in Crack & Shine International, but recently guys like Mosa, Coney and Saeyo have come in to action. Paris is a very free-spirited city with graffiti,- and these guys currently reign supreme.

Take a look here.