It's prom season. The one day in a teenager's life when he must look dapper, even if his normal attire consists of sweatpants and tie-die shirts. For those kinds of guys, prom is frightening. Kids who have always been indifferent about style all of a sudden have to care, and many times the girl ends up doing all the choosing.

Fortunately for those kids, there's an app for that. Tux: The Tuxedo Builder is an iPhone app which allows you to build multiple prom tuxedos using different styles and colors before you go out to find one. This way, you can plan out your idea for a tux with your date, your friends, your mom, or all by yourself. Of course, the Tuxedo Builder app isn't the only prom app. There's Prom 2012, Prom Girl Catalog, Prom 360 and a bunch of others to help with the female's prom night. While some ladies may appreciate you letting them know about these apps, some may just slap you in the face. Try and feel it out, since after all, the apps are free. Visit the app store on iTunes to check it out. [MTV Style]

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