If you love shows like The Wire and the American version of Skins, you'll know that they're both set in the gritty urban setting that is Baltimore, Maryland. Now if you've ever watched The Wire and wished that Omar Little was rocking a little more workwear in his wardrobe, then you probably would have told him to head to Confirmed Stock this weekend.

The one-day pop-up shop will be hosting a whole slew of high-quality, mostly American made goods and shops. You'll find selections from retail newcomers like Federal and Two-Inch Cuffs, and products from brands like Randolph Engineering, Ruell and Ray, and Cause and Effect.

Confirmed Stock
Saturday, April 28, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
2640 Space, 2640 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

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