We've all seen luxury brands ripped off by smaller, less-expensive brands that try and get in on that dough. Gucci certainly wasn't having it when they sued Guess for trademarking imitation three years ago. The case has finally made its way to court and shit is going down.

Gucci claims Guess has indulged in a massive, complicated scheme to knock-off Gucci's best known designs; Gucci's green and red stripe; the interlocking "G" pattern; the square "G", and the brand name's delicate script font.

While Gucci claims that Guess sold more than $221 million worth of products with these infringements, Guess is crying innocence as their CEO, Paul Marciano has gone on stand to testify that while some designs are similar, they've done nothing wrong. Sorry Guess, but the proof is in the pudding. [Huffington Post]

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