Designer Max Azria of BCBG, or better known to some as the man responsible for those tight mini dresses on their lady friends, has apparently gotten himself into trouble. He is being sued for $220 million over the sale, or lack thereof, of Playboy-branded condoms to Walm-Mart and Carrefour. Yes, Playboy condoms.

While the details are still a bit unclear, the gist of the lawsuit is that Azria allegedly made a deal with businessman Jimmy Esebag, insisting he could convince the retail giants to carry the Playboy merchandise. "I have a relationship with everybody. I am Max Azria," the fashion designer said in a recent deposition, according to the suit. "People are happy to have lunch with me. Anybody in American. Even the president of America."

But Azria was unable to deliver and the transaction never materialized. Too bad because who wouldn't want Playboy condoms?

The designer's camp has denied the allegations. According to WWD reports, BCBG prevailed in arbitration on the same dispute last year, and that the company is "confident he will also be victorious in the present lawsuit."

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