As you might suspect, there isn't too much going on in the corn state of Iowa when it comes to fashion and style. That all changed last Thursday and Friday when Des Moines menswear shop, Badowers brought in special guests from the East Coast: belt and accessory maker Billy Moore of Cause and Effect and Ashley James from up-and-coming denim brand, Ruell and Ray, for a two-day trunk show.

Billy showed off some awesome pre-made brass and leather wristwear, beaver tail card cases, and floral-carved belts while hand-making premium belts and other leather accessories and explaining the whole process for shop patrons right on the spot, and denimheads were salivating over the great new fits from Ruell and Ray's current deadstock Japanese one-of-a-kind handmade denim offering.  

You got a sneak peek at some of Cause and Effect's crazy antics in Richmond at Need Supply Co. with the "Blog This" and "Fuck Off" brass belt buckles, and this time we get a very specific "Iowa Corn Caucuses Cool Shit", which is something you just don't hear or see every day.  But it's always awesome to see such great materials come out so bad ass. 

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