You know how the song goes: pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time! When pizza's on a T-shirt, you can have pizza anytime! Well, it goes something like that. The important thing is, you can now combine your two favorite things: pizza and T-shirts. I mean, who hasn't wanted to put the grease-ridden image of pepperoni and melted cheese on a high-quality American Apparel tee? And just like your favorite pizza, these graphic tees are also made in the U.S.A. (begrudgingly).

Choose between the awesome pepperoni tee, and for you non-meat eaters (what's up, NERDS), there's a vegetarian version available too. But unlike its edible counterpart, this pizza doesn't come with free delivery. They cost $40 each at Pizza Shirt. [Pizza Shirt]

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