Schott NYC Perfecto Jacket

Key Years: 1960s
Price Range: $250-$500 on etsy 

The awesome thing about Schott jackets is that they really haven't changed much over the years. Their classic line has been putting stuff out of the same NJ factory for decades, and the quality has stood the test of time, which is why when you get a deal on a Schott jacket, it's one worth taking.

Schott's most popular item, hands down, is their motorcycle Perfecto jacket. These are pretty common in vintage stores and eBay, but you really gotta try one on in person to get the fit right. Over the years, there's been slight changes to the labels and materials, but the quality has remained the same. There's really no point in time that the construction suffered, but obviously, older jackets will be more broken in than newer versions. Perfectos faced a surge in the late 50s and early 60s, when they were associated with outlaw biker culture, so if you find a vintage one from that era, it'll probably have some bike gang cred.