Abercrombie & Fitch Outerwear

Key Years: Pre-1976
Price Range: $15-$100 on etsy 

Most dudes know by now that before it made its money out of frayed-hem cargo shorts and moose-emblazoned polo shirts that Abercrombie & Fitch was a notable outdoor goods brand. Its sportswear was especially made to last, and they even made their own shotguns. 

Its glory days faded in the mid-70s when it shuttered in Manhattan flagship store in 1977. In the early '80s, it created some throwback hunting-inspired pieces before eventually changing into the mass retailer model it's currently known for. Like Banana Republic, the tag is what separates the cream from the crap. Anything noting where the garment's made automatically makes it better than modern day A&F gear, but also be on the lookout for old-school logos and icons from the '80s re-issued line, which had some pretty dope jackets.