The Beatles at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, 1966

Amelia Davis: “He was a veteran by 1966. By that time, Jim had taken so many photographs of so many bands and had album coves he was just the godfather of Rock N Roll photography.

“The Beatles were coming to San Francisco. Ralph Gleason was going to be doing some PR and stories with them so he called up Jim and Jim tagged along. They were going around the city doing different things and then Ralph Gleason put this concert together at Candlestick Park. Jim said it was insane. It was out of A Hard Day’s Night where everybody was screaming and women were fainting and crying. Jim was lucky enough to be the photographer there and they did not know at the time that that was the last public concert the Beatles did and Jim captured it.

"That’s one of Jim’s most iconic photos as well because you feel the moment and I think that’s what draws everybody to Jim’s photography. It is the moment and you can really feel it and go back to that moment."