Thelonious Monk and Allen Ginsberg, Monterey, CA 1963

Amelia Davis: “Isn't it funny? As Jim says, it looks like Ginsberg is looking at God. Again, Jim was there photographing the Newport Jazz Festival and so with all of Jim’s photographs, I think, we talked about that he captured the moment but also, it was really a different time back then. Those types of access-the all access that Jim had-doesn’t happen today because musicians have their handlers, managers. You have all of these layers that you have to go through but back then, there really wasn’t that. He would wander backstage at all of these festivals and concerts and he was able, through becoming a fly on the wall, to capture the moment.

"This was a tribute to Jim again, he saw that Ginsberg was totally stunned and amazed like 'I can’t believe I’m talking to Monk' and captured that photograph which is pretty incredible. Ginsberg was well known at that point too because of the ‘Howl’ that he had written. It’s just pretty cool for Ginsberg to be that shot.You almost feel voyeuristic when you look at that because it’s such an intimate moment for Ginsberg because it’s like wow, Jim caught it."