Justin Bieber. Hate him or love him, you better learn to respect him. In case you haven't heard, we recently made some noise when we dropped a preview of Complex's 10th Anniversary Issue featuring the fresh 18-year-old on our new cover. JayBee shows the world that he's not the same cuddly kid from Canada anymore, and proves it by stepping into the ring with two MMA fighters, and one bad-as-hell ring girl. In the land of the blind, Justin Bieber has both eyes wide open; one set on becoming the best entertainer in the world, and the other is on you.

Take a look at Justin Bieber's Cover Story and behind the scenes video from his recent shoot with photographer Tony Kelly, but before you check out his photos and the dope interview written by our very own Joe La Puma, here's a handful of excellent GIFs inspired by Complex's 10th Anniversary Issue cover shoot with the freshly anointed King of Pop.

Heavy lies the crown. Long live the king.

Check out The Best Justin Bieber GIFs From Our 10th Anniversary Cover Shoot