This weekend, throngs of people will gather together to drink emerald-tinted mugs of crappy beer and cheap whiskey until they can't feel feelings anymore, all in the name of some dead Irish guy. However, many of us non-white folks are often left feeling like we have to honor the holiday either by wearing shirts that proclaim we're .00001158 percent Irish, talk about how awesome Boondock Saints was, or at the very least start the day with a bowl of Lucky Charms.

And then, there's always the pressure to wear something green. Luckily, the color is versatile and there are items you already have that'll do the trick. Rather than cop that ironic T-shirt or pair of bright green chinos, here are a few items that'll help you fit in with your "Caucasian-American" buddies without making you feel like you're giving up your hood pass. Check out our Style Guide: What To Rock On St. Patrick's Day...If You're Not White.