Levi’s® has made another innovative move (of the kind that keeps a company in business for over 150 years) with the development of its Commuter line—jeans built specifically for the needs and demands of commuter cyclists and those who want to look fly while getting around by bike. Bicycle transport is looking like way more than a passing fad among eco-conscious urbanites, as the roots of “fixie” culture continue to spread. But this brand of cyclist is not some spandex-sporting weekend warrior; just the opposite, this guy is a fashion leader.

Levi’s® has finally provided this 21stCentury rider with a look that is both fashionable and tailored to his unique needs. The Commuter jeans are ultra-durable and both water and odor repellant, but also include features like reflective interior lining for safety (check the ankle roll in the video), and even a back loop to hold your U-lock. This killer video Levi’s® put out describes it all perfectly, and shows the new Commuter in action around the globe. Definitely worth a watch, but have your bike handy, as you may find the urge to ride.