London-based Palace Skateboards has been slowly creeping its way into the hearts and minds of cool young men who like skateboarding, clothes, and trill shit. Like some of our other favorite skate brands (sup, Supreme?), Palace is something of a sub rosa operation. The name comes from the skate crew PWBC, Palace Wayward Boys Choir, among whom are some of London's best skaters. The brand's limited distro is currently bound to the UK, but it seems like eventual stateside availability is inevitable. Let's hope. 

So far, Palace has established a solid rep in the skate community for releasing lo-fi VHS videos that are perfect throwbacks to the golden era of street skating— "Tres Trill," which looks like it was shot in 1997, features team member Chewy Cannon buying weed before filming a line. Palace has nailed a particular aesthetic, tracking lines on the tape and all. Most of the product offerings thus far have been pretty standard—decks, hoodies, and tees—but that's about to change.

i-D Magazine's Spring 2012 issue features an editorial with the PWBC, featuring new goods from the upcoming Palace X Umbro collection. Not too much info has surfaced as yet, but pick up the issue and check Umbro's blog for a few additional shots. The collection will be available at the beginning of April, so you better holler at your UK connect now.

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