Located at 192 Shoreham Street, in Sheffield, there is an old worn down Victorian-era industrial brick building. This neglected building has been given a second-chance with the help of London-based Architects, Project Orange. Project Orange’s plan was to completely rehabilitate the building while simultaneously celebrating its industrial heritage and ensuring that it stays relevant within its new surroundings. In order to achieve both of these things the architects had to find a way to combined the historic with the contemporary.

Their solution of an undulating black metal addition is surprisingly successful in accomplishing this goal. It plays on the industrial aspects of the original building while adding a certain sleekness, and the juxtaposition of the black metal to the orange brick makes the addition act like a fun-house-mirror version of a roof.  The building is projected for mix-use – the original structure housing a double height restaurant/bar with studio office units in the addition above. [Project Orange]