Look who's back on top after a controversial private buyout just last year? Michelle Obama's favorite prep retailer, J. Crew, has just reported its net income of $15 million for the quarter which ended on January 28. Not bad, considering the amount is more than triple the $4 million the company made a year ago. 

The company has also released information on Creative Director Jenna Lyons and CEO Mickey Drexler's salaries. Lyons makes $1 million a year with stock options valued at $2 million, while Drexler makes $200,000 with stock options valued at $11.32 million with and extra compensation of $1.67 million and a $1.2 million bonus.

We're big fans of J. Crew (check out our Cut & Show video with Jenna Lyons and Head of Men's Design Frank Muytjens) and we're looking forward to more collections from the talented team. [Fashionista]

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