Last Friday, Richmond's Need Supply Co. hosted an event with Billy Moore of Cause and Effect, where Moore had an array of products on display, ranging from belts, jewelry, and card holders. All the products are handmade, but it's his belts that stand out because of the process by which he makes them.

Starting with premium materials like Horween leather, Moore soaks the hides in a stream near his home in Tennessee. He then pounds the wet leather onto rocks for texture and shaping, then lets it dry out in the sun before the finishing process. After dying the belts, they're attached to a handmade buckle. At Need Supply on Friday night, Moore let customers hand-finish the details on their belt by allowing them to choose a buckle and hammer in the rivet that would fasten it to the belt. He also had specially-made bracelets and metal cuffs for sale. 

While in Virginia's capital, Moore took some time to head to the James River, where he soaked the leather and used his hammer to shape the hide on some rocks for a series of belts that will be sold exclusively at Need Supply. At Friday's event, we got to see some of his more irreverent pieces: metal cuffs emblazoned with sayings like "The Man" and "Fuck Off," and buckles that said "Blog This," and the Kanye West-referencing "Ball So Hard." Once we saw the latter, we definitely had to have it. Moore walked us through the process and we ended up hammering it onto a camouflage-patterned belt. That shit cray.

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