If your tired of the D.I.Y. projects and also can't part with the old denim jacket or jeans you had since high school, Denim Refinery is your ultimate solution. This online service allows you to customize the color and wash of your favorite denim piece. 

Just place a customized order online of your design choice (you can even send reference images) then send your jeans to Denim Refinery in Long Beach. Once received, Denim Refinery will follow up with a confirmation email. After the refining procedure is complete, your garment is shipped back to you, free of charge. The process takes about 2 weeks.

You can also browse on Shop DR which offers vintage denim pieces and military jackets uniquely treated by the experts at Denim Refinery and have the option to place a customized order on top of it. So if you're impatient and want to get a jump on the broken-in and worn-in tapestry, Denim Refinery has you covered.

2144 West Gaylord St.
Long Beach, CA 90813
(310) 800-6135

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