A$AP Rocky's music is full of high-fashion references. In fact, we found several label shout-outs on his mixtape Live.Love.A$AP. But in the same i-D interview where he talks about generating his buzz, directing videos, and his favorite designers, he says he might stop name-dropping. While we are fans of his style, and like to keep an eye out for what he's wearing, we salute his decision. It goes to show that his interest in fashion goes beyond name brands.

When asked how important fashion is to his music:

It is what it is. I didn’t realise the importance until people made it a big deal. I’m gonna do this regardless. I might stop name-dropping though. I’m not even gonna rap about brands anymore because I don’t want people to think I’m doing it on purpose. If you see me, you see me; you don’t then you don’t. I don’t even wear stuff with monograms on it because I don’t want people to identify what I’m wearing. I don’t want no name brand tags and labels and all that. You’re supposed to try to figure out, “What does this dude have on right now?” Only a real fashion dude would know.

[i-D online]

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