Cipe Pineles

Cipe Pineles began her designer career assisting M.F. Agha at Vogue (a direct rival of Alexey Brodovitch) and Vanity Fair. After years of preparing and learning from a master, Pineles finally rose to the position Agha was preparing her for, Art Director of Glamour magazine. She worked hard to develop the magazine – employing the best talent of the day including another creative on our list, Herbert Matter, despite her publisher's lack of support for the magazine. After Glamour, Pineles took over the reigns at Seventeen, finding founder and editor Helen Valentines’s mission to educate teen girls a kin to her own, she pushed the magazine to greatness by utilizing the best artists available to them. Pineles’s drive and motivation were not overlooked in her make-run world of design, she was the first woman to be asked to join the Art Director’s Club and was later inducted to their Hall of Fame. [AIGA]

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