Herbert Matter

A Swiss native, Herbert Matter moved to Paris to pursue his academic goals. He assisted A.M. Cassandre and Le Corbusier (who some of you may know from our 25 Furniture Designers You Should Know article) It was in this roll he crafted his intense, yet precise style. In 1932 Matter was expelled from France for having improper papers and returned to Switzerland, taking up work as a poster designer for the Swiss Tourist Office where he created some of his most notable work. Matter travelled to the U.S. by exchanging his work for passage with a Swiss ballet troupe. After the tour ended Matter stayed in NYC, pursuing a career with Alexey Brodovitch (who happened to be a fan of Matter’s travel posters). Matter designed for the Container Corporation of America and Knoll, and later went on to teach at Yale. He also experienced a successful career a photographer, shooting for Harper's Bazaar and Saks Fifth Avenue. [Herbert Matter]