The thing about clothing is that some of it makes sense because of trends: bootcut jeans, Starter jackets, and tall tees come to mind when thinking of items that were once cool but are now totally wack. Men's clothing is practical in nature, but some of its more popular style choices are usually derived from classic style icons like James Dean and Miles Davis. Some of it makes sense because it serves a purpose: flip flops, although pretty gross to wear in a city, don't look out of place on the beach or in college bathrooms.

However, there are some clothing items that men simply shouldn't be caught dead in. Whether due to technological advances, common sense, or just basic good taste, we couldn't think of any possible reason why a dude would choose to rock any of these things unless they were trying to convey a sense of style — which none of these items would show. Here are 10 Things Guys Should Never Wear.