Wanny Antonio di Filippo

Occupation: President and CEO, Il Bisonte

The man affectionately called "Crisp Kringle" by many a teenage tumblr addict, Wanny di Filippo is actually the man behind one of Florence's revered leather goods manufacturers, Il Bisonte. Don't believe us? Check out this New York Magazine article from 1988. His SoHo store remains in operation to this day, and is a steady source for quality, understated leather products — don't get it twisted though, good stuff has its price. As far as his style goes, he's very easy to notice, as he has a penchant for patterns, bright colors, and of course, his Santa-like beard. Chances are though, given how long he's been in the game, it's not so much to keep up with the young kids as much as he genuinely does not care what the blogosphere has to say about him.

Image: Mister Mort