Yasuto Kamoshita

Occupation: Creative Director, United Arrows 

As the Creative Director for United Arrows, Yasuto Kamoshita has a lot on his plate. For a look at his typical day, and the kind of luxury shit he packs with him, peep this video by Lee Hyun and get a taste of what wealth is. His impeccable style is rooted in American classics: wide ties, tassel loafers, soft-shouldered suits. He can even rock Thom Browne, like the picture above, and make the shrunken proportions seem like a normal, everyday suit.

Still, Kamoshita is a prime example of a guy who knows the rules well enough to break them, his seemingly few sartorial missteps are effortless enough to not appear completely calculated, things like an uneven tie, socks that make a statement, and uncommon patterned blazers help break up the monotony. He takes cues like this into his own line for United Arrows, Camoshita.

Image: For The Discerning Few