Kanye West is known to start trends. In fact, besides Kid Cudi, he was probably one of the first rappers to rock the shirt-tied-around-the-waist look. Well it seems Yeezy is trying out a new take on the trend.

Yesterday, he was spotted outside Somerset House during London Fashion Week wearing a white blazer over a white crewneck sweater and a pair of Balenciaga Arena sneakers ($545). But check out the denim shirt wrapped around his waist.

This is the second day in a row now that 'Ye has been seen rocking this new look. If you recall, he paired his Balmain Homme denim jacket and mint green Acne sweater, that may or may not be from the women's collection, with the same 90s look the other day. What's interesting about this outfit is that Kanye's chosen to wrap the denim shirt over jeans. Denim on denim, anyone?

While the trend has caught on with a ton of other celebrities, they've only sported plaid shirts. But we wouldn't be surprised if this look catches on too. What do you think, would you rock it?

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