G-G Rubbing Bonobos, Rune Olsen; 2008

More than a “Wild Kingdom” peep show, “The Sex Lives of Animals” is an uncensored and detailed look at mating habits. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a series by Brooklyn artist Rune Olsen —who has created 10 sculptures from newspaper, masking tape, and wire. Each couple on display is caught in the act, in which viewers respond to their sexual undertones of a stare or gaze.

Quez: I’m finna put this all on my Instagram. We went to the Museum of Sex!

Ali: This is how monkeys do it, for real?

Quez: That’s how monkeys do it? It’s very original.

Ali: It looks weird.

Quez: I don’t think humans can do it that way. It looks like the missionary but all wrapped up.

Ali: You got to be strong.

Quez: [Dry humps the air]

Ali: [laughs]