Written by Niki Blasina (@ahautemess)

It’s that time of year again: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has officially begun, and New York City is abuzz with people from around the globe here to see the Fall/Winter 2012 collections from some of the best designers in the fashion industry. If you’re in New York, you may have also noticed the influx of models in the city — if not, they're the ones that look like stripper poles: tall, skinny and exhausted.

This exhaustion is natural, because modeling is not as easy as it looks, given the complicated garments, enormous shoes, and hundreds of judgmental eyes watching your every move under bright, blinding lights. Even though we tend to look at these perfect specimens like they’re not actually human, they are. And they fail just like the rest of us. So what better way to kick of Fashion Week than to honor those who may be the hardest working people during this week-long shitshow? These are The 50 Most Embarrassing Model Fails.

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