Complex cover man A$AP Rocky is a big fan of mixing high fashion brands with streetwear styles. His album Live.Love.A$AP was filled with brand shout outs so he knows what’s up when it comes down to runway looks. The Harlem rapper was recently asked by GQ to weigh in on looks from this year’s European Fashion Week. Highlights include likening Rick Owens collection to a “gothic astronaut”, and comparing Moschino suits to that of the Batman’s arch nemesis The Riddler. Below are some excerpts on what he had to say about upcoming collections:

On Moschino:

“I feel like this is a bit much; it's typical fashion runway apparel. Sometimes I feel like what's hard for fashion designers to do is take looks from off the runway and actually put it into existence, into reality. That's really the hard part. He looks like that character from Batman with all the question marks around him [laughs].”

On Rick Owens:

“Rick Owens. It's a bit much, I can't lie to you. [laughs] He looks like a gothic astronaut. That's all I can say. Actually, I think I can wear that coat, and get away with it. I wouldn't actually button it all the way to the top, because he has an outrageous collar, but I feel like it all depends on how you wear that coat. I feel like I can get away with it.”

On Jil Sander:

“Oh wow! Jil Sander. This looks good right here. This is really, really good right here. I actually know about Jil Sander, but got put on to it pretty late. I wanna say in '09, around the time they did the collab [+J] with Uniqlo. I have the khakis, that was pretty dope. My cousin A$AP Nast had the khakis, and I went and got them. It was a good collab. That model kind of looks like the guy from Twilight.”

Visit GQ’s website for more commentary. [gq]

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