Breakfast in Bed

Where: In bed, duh.

Engineered Garments Robe
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Classic Pajama Pants
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Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix
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Benito Breakfast In Bed Tray Table
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Preserved Rose Petals
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Ok, this technically isn't a date, but the important part is, you already got her in the same bed. Whether you catch her by surprise on Valentine's Day or the morning after, you can't go wrong with breakfast in bed. Throw on a classy robe and a pair of pajama pants and mix up something savory and sweet like this mix for bacon chocolate chip pancakes. Throw it on a tray table with some preserved rose petals to set the mood. Just don't do the whole "rose petals on the bed thing" not only is that kind of corny, it's a real bitch to clean up.

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