KAWS installation.
Courtesy of The High Museum of Art 

At the center of KAWS’s work is an extremely disciplined practice of drawing combined with a highly sophisticated sense of design. The result is technical mastery that bears seemingly limitless creativity. This selection of drawings, along with KAWS’s celebrated collaboration with the fashion photographer David Sims, reveals the artist’s graphic skill and provides a window onto his studio practice, where ideas first come to life on paper. From one drawing to the next, we are invited to watch the development of themes and subjects in his work, while his collaborative work with Sims, located on the opposite wall, demonstrates KAWS’s ability to co-opt, complement, and challenge existing imagery in a manner that mimics the seductive, subliminal, and omnipresent nature of advertising imagery. Also on view is a selection of KAWS’s editioned toys, including three variations on the character COMPANION, the monumental version of which is on view on the Museum’s Sifly Piazza.