Run-D.M.C. x Adidas Crewneck Sweater

Listing Price: $999.99

Run-D.M.C. established the definitive old school hip-hop get-up, donning dookie chains, black leather jackets, Kangol hats, and most importantly, unlaced Adidas Superstars. Prior to 1986, Adidas Superstar sales were low. The Hollis Queens trio single-handedly revived the sneaker’s production with their breakout single “My Adidas”. Adidas corporate executives struck up a deal after being invited to Run-D.M.C.’s sold out Madison Square Garden concert, looking out from the stage to 20,000 shell toes raised in the air. This marked the first ever sneaker endorsement deal for a nonathletic entity. Soon after, Run-D.M.C. released a complete line of apparel and accessories in collaboration with Adidas, turning Adidas’ $1 million dollar investment into $22,000,000 of sales in just one weekend. Now rare, this Run-D.M.C. x Adidas crewneck sweater is a serious collectors piece.