1. Jared Leto

Ugh, Jared Leto. Another celeb who has the resources to look amazing yet refuses. So what catapults him ahead of the 49 other fools on this list (besides his skeazy photo shoots with Terry Richardson)? The amount of painstaking sartorial effort he exerts to look like a complete idiot — you can practically hear him thinking, “Do my red sneaks go with these drop-crotch silk pants? Does this mesh tank top make my nipples look weird?” He's basically a real-life Derek Zoolander: He honestly believes he's a fashion god, while everyone snickers behind his back. Next time he's sitting front row at YSL in his expensive man-dress or studded capris or whatever, we hope he has an epiphany and echoes our thoughts out loud: “Ugh, Jared Leto.”