William Robson-Scott came to our attention as one half of Crack And Shine. The project, which culminated in two very neatly presented books, documents the most prolific writers on the contemporary graffiti scene. As a result, Robson-Scott's photographed from London to Sydney, and back, finding in his travels a distinct outlook and refining a personal style.

Robson-Scott's individual take on photography is apparent in his most recent series, Top Deck, which documents life in London from the top of a double decker bus over a two year period. The work is revealing, both of the Big Smoke and of Robson-Scott's interest in human stories. Another project, In Dogs We Trust, details the relationship of men to their pets through candid portraits. In all his work, Robson-Scott focuses on the essential character of his subjects, making his photographs immediately appealing.

We connected with William Robson-Scott to discuss his favorite photographs and get the stories behind them.

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