Steve Zissou in "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"

When Steve Zissou and hgis crew  took to the ocean to find and kill the vicious Jaguar shark who ate his beloved friend, he went down there in style. While the entire squad was laced with incredible gear, including one of our most stylish Asian-Americans Waris Ahluwalia, like the ever-popular red watch caps, some pimp-ish blue jumpers and Adidas kicks that had the Internet going nuts, it was Zissou's night time shawl collared "Z" sweater and blue oxford that truly captivated the depths of our style-minded hearts.

Get the look:

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Shawl Collared Popover - $245

Gitman Blue Overdyed Oxford BD - $121

Columbiaknit Red Beanie Cap - $15 

Citizen Eco-Drive Diver's Chronograph Watch - $521