Hey all you top one-percenters, guess what? If you jet around the world for Damien Hirst, you could win a FREE painting that you can probably already afford! Pack your Louis luggage and call your pilot back from vacation, it's time to go on an art scavenger hunt! 

But really though, contests on behalf of the art world are usually a lot of fun, and often benefit a larger cause. Not so much for the Gagosian Gallery's contest with Damien Hirst. The Complete Spot Challenge asks art lovers (likely with black cards and access to a lot of dough) to visit all eleven locations now showing Damien Hirst's "The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011," at Gagosian Galleries around the world, including cities like Beverly Hills, New York, Hong Kong, Rome and Paris. You know, it's a bit like a punch card at your favorite local coffee shop, but instead of spending around ten bucks, you're racking up air mileage. And instead of getting that free cup of joe, you're receiving a signed and numbered spot print. All you broke art lovers will just have to look at pictures on the internet like the rest of the world's peons. [Arrested Motion]

Complete information here.

So, who's betting on Kanye to win and make a song about it?