Newell Convers Wyeth also known as N.C. Wyeth (father) / Henriette, Carolyn, Anny (daughters) / Nathaniel C. and Andrew (sons)

N.C. Wyeth was one of the greatest American painters/illustrators of his time. A former pupil of artist Howard Pyle, he focused on a realist style of painting that was both moody and magnificent, putting him in high demand. This allowed him to provide a comfortable and creatively charged environment for his family to thrive in. Though all his children are talented and highly regarded artists in their own right, with the exception of Nathaniel, an engineer who helped invented the plastic soda bottle; his youngest son Andrew was the star. He spent a great deal of time with his father who schooled him at home due to his sickly childhood and was immersed in his world of art and thinking. Andrew made a name for himself following his father’s style of realist painting, and cemented his place in American painting history with his famous works Christina’s World (1948) and the Helga Pictures series. In 1991, National Geographic, did a cover feature on N.C. and Andrew, showcasing their works and the history of the Wyeths.