Pierre Le-Tan (father) / Olympia Le-Tan (daughter)

Pierre Le Tan made a name for himself as an illustrator for the New Yorker when he started at the age of 18 in 1968. Since then he’s contributed to Vogue, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, worked with designers such as Chanel, Coach, Cartier, Rolex, and has authored and illustrated several books. His daughter Olympia Le-Tan started out on the fast track as well at 19 working with Karl Lagerfeld in the design studio of Chanel. From there she met and collaborated with Gilles Dufour, and soon began multi-hypenating herself by become a DJ, music coordinator, and bag designer, her biggest gig to date. Famous for her felted creations on minaudières or handbags/clutches, in February 2010 Le-Tan became embroiled in a battle over “who did it first” as she accused Kate Spade of stealing her idea of clutches which feature artworks originally found on first edition book covers. But if Le-Tan is copying artwork from her father’s collection of first editions and Spade is copying artwork from other books, is this a chicken or the egg scenario? A copy is a copy is a copy. Who copied what first and can you copy once it’s copied? I guess all’s fair in love and fashion ducky, once you get copyrights cleared.