Renowned Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has redefined the notion of paper architecture. His innovative use of cardboard first grabbed global attention in 1995, when he filled paper tubes with sand to create the foundation for cost-effective, temporary housing for victims of the Kobe earthquake. Since, Ban has designed the Centre Pombidou-Metz museum.

Camper and Ban began collaborating with the brand's inventive, temporary pavilion for the Volvo Ocean Race. Ban's recycled paper tubes created an imposing colonnade, that due to material could be assembled and dismantled easily to travel to host marinas. The same sense of grand space through everyday material is found in Ban's latest work for Camper, the flagship retail space on Prince Street in NYC's SoHo neighborhood. With a vertical garden and bending cubby holes, Ban forms an exciting experience that brings full life to the shoes on sale.

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