To commemorate the Spring launch of the Vans OTW Collection, the shoe company enlisted four artists: Lupe Fiasco, Dmitri Coste, Chris Kong, and Eric Elms, as OTW advocates. The brand flew them to Berlin just in time for the city's fashion week, and built out a House of Vans inside a club in Berlin's Mitte district.

Each artist took over a room, with Elms displaying his large felt pennants, Kong displaying a series of designer vinyl toys, many of which were made with Ron English, Coste showed a series of photographs he shot, as well as the motorcycle he races, and rapper Lupe Fiasco curated a shelf of his favorite books, as well as displaying three photographs he had taken while on tour.

If you're in Germany, the House of Vans is located at Department, Auguststrasse 5a, Mitte, Berlin.