Love him or hate him, Damien Hirst is a force to be reckoned with.  He’s already in every art museum and magazine, and in recent days, thanks to the opening of his worldwide Gagosian exhibitions, he’s all over every blog, newspaper, TV or radio show, even YouTube.  But the buzz isn’t about his actual work in the exhibitions — it never is with Hirst — but about every other element of the elaborate circumstances he creates for every occasion. (Basically, he makes a living creating bad ass moments in art history.)

This is not a man who can just do something quietly, normally, and without controversy.  He is a lightening rod for media attention, and then covers his fingers in giant rings just to make sure the lightning has every possible chance to strike.

Though he’s only 46, Hirst has been living like it’s his midlife crisis for 20 years — buying expensive toys, joining a rock band, making crass and incendiary remarks, and wearing giant sunglasses day and night, indoors and out.

Here are some of the outrageous moments of from the Hirst saga.