Cool trans

Frequency: Monthly
Price: 780 yen (~$10)

Cool trans is one of many magazines aimed at young, Japanese youths that more often than not come packaged with free swag. Usually this means you'll get a tote bag co-branded with a hot Japanese streetwear label like Neighborhood or Sophnet. Don't be fooled though, you'll find these gold rings are usually copper, as the quality on these giveaways usually isn't up to snuff, but they're a nice gesture anyway. This magazine focuses on a variety of styles, and gives you advice on how to rock certain items like knitwear — followed by a bunch of pages featuring the season's best from designers like Adam Kimmel, Umit Benan, and Takahiro Miyashita. Towards the back you'll find guides to all the coolest Japanese stores, more editorials focusing on how to wear specific items, and a little bit of pop culture knowledge to round out the publication.