Men's Ex

Frequency: Monthly
Price: 780 yen (~$10)

If you ever wanna boost Dad out of his midlife crisis, give him a few copies of this.  Aimed at high-level businessmen and executive types (hence, Men's Ex), the pages contain a bunch of well-dressed white dudes modeling the latest suits and sportcoats from companies like Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana, and Ermenegildo Zegna, and look as great as Steve Carrell, post Crazy Stupid Love man-over. Learn life advice like how to fold a button down shirt, clean corduroy, what kind Mercedes Benz to buy, and ogle over a bunch of premium leather accessories from Louis Vuitton, scents from Creed, Patek Phillippe watches, and home goods perfect for the modern-day Don Draper... and you know, stuff like expensive anti-wrinkle cream. Dad might need that.