Where to Buy

Given that these magazines are printed in Japan, you're going to have to account for at least a $4-$10 increase in the cover price to account for shipping costs. These publications arrive stateside via two methods: sea and air. Air shipping requires more gas, but is faster — and thus more expensive. Sometimes, bookstores will put back issues of magazines on sale, but the general price range you'll pay to pick up a Japanese magazine stateside is about $13-$20.

Here's a guide on where you can readily find these publications:


Japanese bookstores like Kinnokuniya receive shipments on the regular and are also usually able to inform you of shipping dates. Plus, you can explore the racks and maybe find one that you absolutely love that isn't even on this list.


This website is a Japanese competitor to Amazon that lets you search through a whole bunch of products available for purchase. That means not only can you track down Japanese magazines, you can also cop hard-to-find Japanese clothes. The downside is not all of the site's sellers ship internationally.

Magazine Cafe

Manhattan's Magazine Cafe not only lets you buy single issues, you can fork over hundreds of dollars for a yearly subscription to many of these publications. 

Japanese Streets

Although usually full of women's and anime-related magazines, you can sometimes scoop back issues of HUGE or cool lookbooks from brands like Neighborhood on this Japanese street style website, which compiles a list of relevant eBay auctions.

Amazon Japan

The good thing is Amazon Japan does ship internationally, however international shipping costs a grip — about $40-$50 extra. So if you're buying a thick stack of magazines or want to split up the order with a few friends to even out that cost, we'd totally understand.