Estimated Salary (in NYC): $38,000
Where to Apply: Mediabistro,, Daily Fashion Jobs, PRCouture
How to Make It: Familiarize yourself with how to track tweets, reblogs, and website trackbacks. Master the art of the concise yet effective e-mail pitch — use words wisely and get to the point. Have no shame, get your name out there and reap the benefits later.

Public Relations and Advertising aren't the same thing, but these entry level gigs require similar skill sets and interests.

Behind every Don Draper there are several Pete Campbells. Public relations and advertising agencies depend on clients for income. Clients in turn depend on the people running their account to make sure they're happy. Depending on the size of the account, there will be a number of executives and supervisors on each of them, and under those two, are the account coordinators.

These people track the success of campaigns via media tracking, build lists of contacts to pitch ideas and client projects to, writing press releases, media packets, and other copy. They also do a lot of office support like writing memos, fielding calls, and pretty much make work easier for their team and their clients.